Feb 19, 2011

Did Jesus die in vain?

By His death on the cross, Jesus accomplished several things.
  • He made it possible for the world to be reconciled to the God. I Corinthians 5:19
  • and live eternally. John 3:16
  • He bridged the seperation gap that sin had caused. Isaiah 59:1,2
  • He made it possible for us to have abundant life. John 10:10
  • He made it possible for us to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that God could communicate with us directly and lead us from within.  John 14:16
  • He made it possible for us to be filled with the anointing, God's ability, efficiency and might so that we could be vessels that He could use to touch the world with His power. Acts 1:8 (Amp) & 1Jn 2:27
  • He made it possible for us to walk in divine health because by His stripes we were healed. Isaiah 53:5 
But, did He die in vain.  Has the Church caught the revelation of what He has done, or have we diminished all that He has accomplished.  Are we only serving Him because we need what He can do for us.  Has the Body of Christ become selfish and demanding? Have we missed the meaning of the great commission.  

These are questions we all must answer to ourselves and to God.  Our relationship to and with God needs to be with all our hearts, minds and souls.   Luke 10:27   My focus has to be on worshiping and obeying Him not on what He can do for me.   There are too many Christians who are always thinking of themselves and when God does not do what they ask, they get angry at Him and forsake Him.  

He wants us to trust Him and lean not to our own understanding.  Prov. 3:5

Gil Howard-Browne
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